INI2020: 8th Global Nitrogen Conference

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The German Environment Agency (UBA) is pleased to announce the 8th Global Nitrogen Conference (INI2020). The conference will take place on 3-7 May 2020 in Berlin, Germany, accompanied by an interesting supporting program in the evenings and on 8 May 2020. 

The 8th Global Nitrogen Conference of the International Nitrogen Initiative will follow on from the previous conferences held since 1998. This time, the overall framework will be "Nitrogen and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”. Most of the SDGs are closely interlinked with the nitrogen cycle. Sustainable nitrogen management is therefore a key element in tackling environmental and societal issues on a global scale. 

Delegates of the 8th Global Nitrogen Conference can expect a program with high-level speakers, interesting conference formats, a poster exhibition and excellent possibilities for networking within and beyond the community of nitrogen experts. 

Your contribution to the conference with a talk or a poster on your latest scientific findings on the following topics will shape the program:

  • Sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition systems, in relation to effective nitrogen management 
  • Threats for health, environment and biodiversity and solutions to combat these nitrogen-driven effects 
  • Observations of global challenges, nitrogen fluxes and interactions between different drivers  
  • Closing the nitrogen cycle through innovations for sustainable N management 
  • Integrated nitrogen science and policy approaches

We are pleased to announce that further information on the draft conference program and the call for papers is now available on our conference website:

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Willkommen in Berlin! We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin.

For the Organizing Committee

Markus Geupel, Lisa Schlesinger, Henning Friege and Svenja Jürgens

German Environment Agency
Section II 4.3 "Air pollution & terrestrial ecosystems"
Wörlitzer Platz 1, 06844 Dessau, Germany

Akademie Dr. Obladen GmbH
Katharinenstraße 8
10711 Berlin, Germany

N3 Thinking Ahead Dr. Friege & Partners
Scholtenbusch 11
D-46562 Voerde 

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